About Us.

Millemont is expertly designed and developed within the real estate investment and advisory world to be able to serve institutional and entrepreneurial real estate investors and clients alike. Our business comprises of a group of experienced deal-makers, brought together by a shared endeavour to identify, restructure and reposition real estate assets for a better, brighter future. That means putting sustainability and negative impact on our climate at the heart of everything we do.

We work with like-minded, sophisticated counterparts in the domestic and international real estate investment world, from entrepreneurs and family office funds to sovereign wealth funds. We have built our business around a new model of service delivery, characterised by a well-funded commercial base, a professional management team and a contemporary approach to harnessing tools, talent and technology.

At Millemont, investors and clients take advantage of post-institutional thinking as standard. We are not bogged down by arcane processes, origination battles and needless administration, so we can act quickly and decisively.

Our platform delivers two unique operations, Millemont Capital Partners and Millemont Advisors, to create real sustainable advantage for our investors and clients alike. Our mission is to build the most effective trusted relationships in the market, delivered by the leading talent and measured by the greatest impact. We’re working hard to really change the game, putting environmental and social impact at the heart of everything we do; and by bringing an uncompromising approach to sustainability with seamless ESG integration throughout our real estate investment management process.

Above all, we are built and designed in 2021. That means our business has a contemporary outlook; open, transparent, forward-facing and committed to providing the most flexible and supportive working life for our people.


Millemont Capital Partners is a private investment & co-investment firm with an uncompromising approach to sustainability and seamless ESG integration throughout our real estate investment management process.

Responding to the evolving expectations in impact investment, we aim to deliver a unique service to our discreet collective of investors by acquiring sustainable real estate assets that are ripe for ESG integration. We do that by bringing together the sharpest minds and equipping them with the platform, resources, tools and purpose to operate in a way that serves investors better.

We are designed to accumulate further capital commitments from a selection of nimble, like-minded, sophisticated investors. Our focus is to deploy capital into selective value-add real estate strategies running from £10-50m. At the heart of our strategy is the delivery of net zero carbon real estate portfolios, implementation of smart technology and data analytics to achieve efficiency, and health & wellness certifications. Put simply, we deliver resilient investments, designed to create sustainable value beyond capital growth.



At Millemont Advisors, we want to develop fresh opportunity from special situations and market inefficiencies in the combined investment advisory and multi-family office real estate investment space.

There are few platforms that can consolidate pools of capital and advisors, source off-market opportunities and structure the capital stack in one unique package. That’s where we come in. We are a leading advisory team for the future of real estate transactions, creating and enhancing value across asset classes.

Unlike some of our peers, we’ll bring you deals. They’re pre-sourced and vetted, with funding structures identified and secured, and co-partners and operators introduced. Our team is unique in its ability to identify fact patterns, analyse the underlying target business, define a new capital stack and bring that to you to transact.

We have a deep knowledge of the transactional and commercial drivers, which we use to help you identify and address potential roadblocks early. We are uniquely positioned to assist with the optimisation of the entire transaction management process, including, working with your legal and other third-party advisers.

Our fresh approach to business extends to the way we charge for our services with transparent pricing and aligned incentives but no compromises on quality.